Ngobekezela by Joyous Celebration

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Check out this Powerful brand new gospel music by Joyous Celebration – Ngobekezela.

Multi talented South African award winning Christian Gospel music Choir singers, songwriters and worship leaders, Joyous Celebration has released another wonderful brand new gospel music which they titled “Ngobekezela”. And you can download it here on Gospelhome.com.ng for your free and fast download!

Watch The Video Below;

Check Out The Full Lyrics Below;

Nkosi ngiqalil’ uhambo lwakho olungiqondisayo luvela ezulwini
Sengehlukene nezwe lokona
Ngobekezela Jesu ngobekezela
Nkosi ngiqalil’ (uhambo lwakho olungiqondisayo luvela ezulwini)
Sengehlukene nezwe lokona (ngobekezela, Jesu ngobekezela)
Nkosi ngiqalile lona uhambo(hambo lwakho) hambo lwakho (olungiqondisayo)lona luvela (luvela ezulwini)
Sengehlukene nezwe, nezwe lokona (ngobekezala)
Ngobekezela jesu ngobekezela
Injongo yami ukuyihamba (lendlela)
Ngihambe nawe Jehova (msindisi wami)
Injongo(injongo yami ukuyihamba) yami ukuyihamba lendlela (lendlela)
Ndihambe (ndihambe nawe) nawe wedwa (Jehova) Jehova (msindisi wam) Jehova
Ngobekezela (ngobekezela), ngobekezela (Jesu ngobekezela)
Ngobekezela (ngobekezela), ngobekezela (Jesu ngobekezela)
Ngobekezela (ngobekezela)
Jehova lord, kunzima (Jesu ngobekezela)
Noma kwenyukela (ngobekezela) ngobekezela (Jesu ngobekezela)
Ngizohlala kusimakade ngibambelele esandleni sakhe
Uthembekile, uthembekile, uthembekile
Akasoze, he will never leave you, not forsake you
Your hands, I pray for, you freed us from the plateu (yeee)
Noma kwenyuka (bambelela)
Noma kwehlela (qinisela)
Zehl’ iinyembezi (bambelela)
Ungalahl’ ithemba (ungalahli ithemba)
Noma kunzima (bambelela)
Sebekulahle bonke (qinisela)
Sebekuyekile (bambelela)
Ungalahl’ ithemba (bekezela)
Ngobekezela (bekezela) Jesu ngobekezela
Hallelujah, hallelujah(ngobekezela)
Bekezela (Jesu ngobekezela)
Bekezela (ngobekezela)
Bekezela (jesu ngobekezela)
Hold on, hold on(ngobekezela)
Hold on, hold on(jesu ngobekezela) hallelujah
Bekezela ungayeki wethembekile
Ngeke akuyekelele (heeh)
His promises are yes and amen
His promises are yes and amen
Akaphoxi, akayeki, akahleki
Akahlebi, akahlebi, wethembekile
Wethembekile, unothando, unamandla, hallelujah
Bekezela (ngobekezela) bekezela (jesu ngobekezela) yeee
(Ngobekezela) It is not over until God says its over (ngobekezela)
Its is not over (ngobekezela), It is not over (jesu ngobekezela) don’t give up keep your head up, stick your chest out
He is forever faithful (jesu ngobekezela) hallelujah
Ngobekezela jesu ngobekezela
Ngobekezela jesu ngobekezela


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audio Title: NgobekezelaArtist: Joyous Celebration


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