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I was angry at dad for not buying us television as kids — Frank Edwards

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I was angry at dad for not buying us television as kids — Frank Edwards

I was angry at dad for not buying us television as kids — Frank Edwards

Gospel singer, Frank Edwards, has said that his family did not own a television set when he was growing up. According to him, that made him habour anger towards his dad.

Speaking during an Instagram live session monitored by Saturday Beats, the singer said, “I remember that while growing up, we did not have a television in our house. But my aunty had one small one and I was always going to her house to watch it as a little boy. I was angry at my dad because he did not have a television. One day, my dad said to me, ‘You always go to your aunty’s house to watch TV. You see that TV, even if you watch it from now till the end of the year, they will not show you there. You would not see yourself’. But, I did not understand what he was saying. It was only recently that I thought about it. So, the question is, ‘Why are you watching TV when you don’t have anything on it that you want to watch out for? You did not put any content there you want to see that they are showing’. I am not saying it is wrong to watch TV but if you must impact the world, creating something should take more of your time.”

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The Under the Canopy singer also urged up-and-coming singers to be willing to make the necessary sacrifice to make their dreams a reality.

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He said, “You see people carrying expensive hair and the money they need to pay for a studio session is just N40,000. But, you are carrying all these expensive things and you are not able to pay for a studio session. For the guys, you have expensive phones and buy data every day. Once your data finishes, you would start feeling like someone who is sick. What are you doing online when you have not recorded the music to promote online? Yet, you are saying you don’t have money to pay for a studio session. So, where does the money you use to pay for data come from?”


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