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7 Steps How to Write Gospel Music

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7 Steps How to Write Gospel Music

7 Steps How to Write Gospel Music

STEP 1. Since it is gospel, it might help to pray to God first. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t. It depends on what He wants you to do.

STEP 2. Listen to a few other songs. Sometimes they can inspire you. They may also give you a few ideas. But don’t copy a line from a song, that’s not truthful.[2]
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STEP 3. Just sit down, and think about phrases you could use. Do whatever you can to get your mind focused on your song.[3]
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STEP 4. Try writing the chorus first. Right-brained people may find it easier, but if you’re a left-brained person, you might want to start from the beginning.
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STEP 5.After you have the lyrics, come up with notes to go with them. It sounds better if you have a different note for each syllable. Say you have the phrase, “And now I know Jesus loves me!” Every word should have it’s own notes. But, “And” could have a C, “now” could have an E, and “I” could have a C. Try what works for you.[4]
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STEP 6. Run through the whole song. If you want orchestration, do it now. Sometimes it’s easier to find someone who has more experience in this area.[5]
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STEP 7. Get the orchestration on paper into sound. After that’s done, sing the words along with it, and find several other people to sing it, or listen to it. Get their opinion.


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