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Top 10 Best Gospel Record Labels in Nigeria

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Top 10 Best Gospel Record Labels in Nigeria
Top 10 Best Gospel Record Labels in Nigeria

Nigerian Gospel Industry has been growing rapidly over the years now so today we at Gospelhome.com.ng has decided to talk about the record labels behind the success and growth of the artists.

via Gospelhome, check out the list of top 10 best gospel record labels in Nigeria.

This ranking is based on past performance, popularity, influence, and influence over time.

You may be aware that certain Nigerian gospel musicians have achieved international success.

People are unaware that these artists’ record labels play a role in their success.

A record label can effectively handle the dissemination of your music and acts as a go-between for the artist and significant figures in the music business.

Check Out The Full Lists Below;

1. Eezee Conceptz

Possibly one of the largest gospel record labels in Nigeria right now is this one.

Eezee Conceptz, owned by EeZee, is a label that is brilliantly run and designed to support the development of artists.

Some of the most talented gospel musicians are signed to the label.

Preye Odede and Mercy Chinwo, two excellent singers, were signed by the company in 2017.

They were both part of the label’s pioneers when they were signed, and both went on to attain tremendous heights in the business.

Chioma Jesus and Chris Morgan are only two of the artists they handle.

2. Rockanation

One of Nigeria’s top record labels for aspiring gospel musicians is Rockanation.

Florocka, one of Nigeria’s top gospel producers, is signed to this label.

Through the influence of Rockanation, Florocka became firmly established in the sector.

The good news is that you may sign with this label without being a Nigerian.

Popular Ghanaian rappers Esaias and Rose, for instance, have reportedly been associated with the label.

Similar to this, they debuted Rotimi, a talented singer and composer also known as Oluwarotimi Awonbiogbon, in 2016.

3. Rock Town Records

Yes, the Nigerian record companies Rock Town and Rockanation are distinct from one another.

Frank Edwards, a well-known Nigerian gospel artist, is signed to Rock Town Records.

To some extent, Frank Edwards was a significant label booster who helped spread the word about it.

However, the label provided him with a stage on which to display the skill that God had given him.

Rock Town is much more than just one individual; it has provided Nkay and Gil Joe and other musicians a platform.

Although their collaboration didn’t endure, they signed “Divine” as their first female performer.

Nicole Mullen, a Grammy-nominated performer, was also associated with Rock Town Records in 2018.

The following are just a few of the artists who have been associated with Rock Town Records: Da Music, Nina Shezz, and Victor Ike,

Rock Town Records is certainly one of the best record labels for upcoming artist in gospel music in Nigeria.

4. Azusa World Records

Even if you haven’t heard the name Azusa World Records, it is very likely that you’ve heard about their artists,

Azusa World Records broke into the industry in late 2018,

They went on to become one of the biggest Christian label talent incubators in Africa.

Most of their creative developments and works have largely been credited to renowned sound engineer Bro D’s Azusa,

Though they haven’t put out too much contents lately, when they do, they put out Quality.

5. Republic Of Xtreme Nation ROX Nation

This label is one of the most versatile record labels in the industry at the moment, It houses Afro-gospel, Hip-hop, Reggae and all genres you can imagine.

Another thing that makes them special and unique is that they organize concerts,

They have a musical talent show tagged SoundCheck and a yearly event Concert called Fearless,

During such events, they invite both international and local artists,

All these contributed to making the record label one of the most distinct in the country.

Republic Of Xtreme Nation also known as ROX Nation was created in March 2018 by Nara crooner, Tim Godfrey,

ROX Nation also means Republic of Xtreme Nation,

They have one of the best gospel artists in Africa in person of “Tim Godfrey”,

Also, arguably one of the best music producers in Nigeria “SMJ” is affiliated to the same imprint,

Other artists that have been housed by this label includes two of the strongest female vocalists “IBK” and ROX nation First Lady, Blessyn.

6. LoveWorld Records

Just like we’ve stated in the beginning of this article, the 10th on this list doesn’t mean it’s the last on the count down.

LoveWorld Record was founded in 2019 by one of the richest pastors in Africa “Pastor Chris Oyakhilome”

Since it’s establishment the label has discovered some of the best gospel musicians in Africa,

The label is independent which means their is a flexible structure to accommodate both established and upcoming musician,

According to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome the sole aim of LoveWorld Records is to discover and develop gospel artists,

So far the record label has discovered and groomed notable gospel musicians worldwide including the likes Sinach, Frank Edwards, Eben, Joe Praize among others.

If you’re an upcoming artist then this is another one you should consider on your radar.


7. Tehilah Records

Tehilah Records is another gospel record label doing pretty well for unsigned artists,

It was founded and currently headed by Tim Ogboruche, who’s the company’s CEO.

Just like ROX Nation, Tehilah Records gives international and local talents a stage to minister,

For instance, Alabanza Concert is one event that brings musicians from all over the world.

Tehilah Records is one of Nigeria’s most significant gospel record labels currently promoting and grooming gospel musicians both nationally and internationally,

Some of the artists signed to the record label includes the likes of Enkay, Chiika100% and the Tehila Crew,

Enkay, who happens to be the wife of the owner had a good spell with the label,

In 2018 Enkay released a single titled Salute which went on to become a significant hit in the industry,

This record label is highly recommended for upcoming gospel artist in Nigeria and beyond.

8. Kadosh Records

Kadosh Records is owned by one of Nigeria’s most renowned Worshippers,

She is well known for her ability of opening the gate to Paradise when she sings with her breathtaking voice.

Victoria Orenze is the co-founder of this magnificent gospel record label that has given a lot of gospel musicians a platform,

Very few gospel record labels are owned by musicians, at least this gives an avenue for upcoming artist to relate on same frequency with a co-founder.

The label owned a fully equipped and standard recoding studio in Victoria Island, Lagos, “Kadosh Studios”,

9. Hammer House Records

Hammer House Records is also known as HHR, it is another record label for upcoming artist in gospel music,

This label is very huge, financially stable, highly connected and diversified into different sections,

Hammer House records has a business arm called the Hammer House Ventures,

They are specialized in video and music production, event management and interior decoration.

Though they haven’t done too much of signing since their inception,

Award-winning gospel and inspirational Singer “Eben” and his wife “Jahdiel” are signed to this incredible label,

The couples are constantly building names for themselves and the label at the same time.

10. One Hallelujah

On the 10th spot of best gospel record labels in Nigeria, we have the “One Hallelujah”,

We can’t talk about One Hallelujah without bringing Redeemed Christian Church of God into the conversation.

One Hallelujah Records is the official record label and talent management brand of Redeemed Christian Church of God,

Redeemed is arguably the church with the most registered members in Africa,

Same goes to the amount of talents they’ve established so far,

Some of the artists affiliated to the imprint includes the likes of Pastor Kunle Ajayi, Funke Akinokun, Tosin Bee, Moses Onofeghara (MOZ), Michael Akingbala, Rebecca Ogolo, Adeyemi Bamike (OBA) etc,

Also, popular ministers affiliated to the label includes 2017 AFRIMMA artiste of the Year “Nathaniel Bassey”, Femi Okanuga, South African based James Okon and Funke Akiokun.

With all these talents incubated under the imprint, the label is definitely among the best record labels for upcoming artist in gospel music.


Thanks for reading and hope this list was useful?. Are you an upcoming artist looking to get signed to one of this record label in Nigeian? We will be writing an article about that soon so always stay tuned here on Gospelhome.com.ng

Source; Gospelhome.com.ng




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